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There are children across the UK who feel unable to cope with school, Kidz Klub have partnered with TLG with the aim to break this cycle. 

Who are TLG?

Transforming Lives for Good TLG are a Christian charity dedicated to helping struggling children. By partnering with churches they aim to bring hope and a future to struggling children.

They believe that change is possible, from exclusion to poverty they are helping children across the UK who are facing a tough start to life.

What is Early Intervention?

All over the UK, there are children struggling with school, whatever the circumstances. TLG partners with local churches to provide one to one coaching for children who are, for whatever reason, feeling unable to cope in school. One coach, one child, one hour a week.

Kidz Klub has partnered with TLG to provide early intervention coaching to local schools. To find out more, get in touch with the team!