Privacy Policy

As an associated ministry (AM) of the Fountain of Life Church, we adhere to their privacy and data protection policy, outlined below:

May 25th, 2018

Fountain of Life Church Data Privacy Policy

To assist with the safe running and publicising of events and activities run by the Fountain of Life Church (FOL) and its associated ministries (AM) it is necessary to collect certain personal data from its members and attendees. The data collected is to ensure the safe running of groups, assist with pastoral care and inform/publicise the appropriate events or activities to FOL church members and attendees at other AMs. In collecting this data FOL are aware that they must do so in a safe and secure manner. This policy sets out the way in which FOL and its AM will appropriately gather, store and share a member’s or attendee’s personal data.

Gathering Data

  • As an extra-parochial place the FOL will manage its membership (electoral roll) in a similar way to a parish church in accordance with the Synodical Government Measure 1969. 

  • FOL and AM will only collect relevant information required for the purposes of your activities and promotion of said activities.

  • FOL and AM will clearly state on registration forms the purposes of collecting a person’s/child’s data.

  • Any gathered data will be regularly audited and data that is no longer relevant will be deleted.

  • FOL and AM will only collect a child’s (0-17 years) personal information from a parent or legal guardian.

  • Any known incorrect data will be corrected, with the appropriate consent, or deleted.

  • Opportunities for individuals to correct and update their data will be regularly given.

  • FOL and AM recognises that any person may request to see the data that they hold about them.

  • FOL and AM recognises that any person may request to see the privacy policy that governs the storage of their data.

  • FOL and AM will make every effort to help an individual understand the need for holding their, or their families, data.

  • FOL and AM will make individuals aware of their right to unsubscribe or have their personal data deleted from any database

  • When requested by an individual to delete their, or their family’s, information FOL and AM will comply with their request.

  • Any administrative work carried out on FOL or AM databases will be carried out by the team leader, FOL administrator or volunteer administrators that are authorised and overseen by appropriate team leader.

Storing Data

  • Original Copies of registration forms and data consent to be kept in locked cabinets within FOL or AM office.

  • Original copies are only to be taken offsite for the express purpose of running activities safely.

  • Digital databases are to be an exact copy of original paper registration or consent.

  • Digital databases are only to be accessed by relevant staff members, team leaders or authorised volunteers.

  • Digital databases will be held on a password-protected computer and/or password protected FOL church associated cloud storage system.

  • FOL recognise that staff members, team leaders or authorised administrators may need to access protected data remotely, from a home office or an onsite location, on a personal device. In these instances the same precautions must be taken.

  • If any FOL, AM or personal computing device with the ability to access a FOL or AM digital database is lost or stolen it will be immediately reported to FOL leadership and then reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) within 72 hours.

  • Registers made from gathered information should only include the relevant information relating to the FOL or AM activity or event.

  • Registers made from gathered data should only be accessed by the required team to ensure the safe running of the FOL or AM activity or event.

  • Registers created for events or activities that solely take place in a specific FOL venue, at The Well Christian Centre, will be stored in permanent lockable on site storage unit. These registers will only be accessible to authorised team members for the safe running of the event or activity.

  • Printed registers will be stored safely between uses in locked cabinets within FOL or AM office.

  • Any printed registers that are inaccurate or no longer in use must be safely disposed.

  • Any registers handed out to team members for the safe running of an FOL or AM activity or event must be returned to the FOL or AM team leader or authorised administrator, to be returned to its secure storage.

  • Where printed databases or registers need to be left onsite for a longer period of time than an individual activity lasts, no protected data can be left on display or accessible by unauthorised persons. Instead items will be returned to the FOL or AM team leader or authorised administrator and locked away in portable storage and stored safely.

  • Any breach of these regulations or any knowledge of lost paper copies will be reported to the FOL Leadership immediately.

  • Any lost or stolen data will be reported to the ICO within 72 hours of the loss.

  • Any data breaches allowing for an individual’s personal data to be shared with unauthorised persons will be made known to them as soon as is possible.

Sharing Data

  • FOL and AM will not share any personal data with outside individuals, companies or organisations.

  • FOL Members may give permission for their personal contact details to be shared to other FOL members for the purpose of contact and communication about the activities, ministries or life of FOL.

  • Where a FOL member is aged 16 or 17 a parent/guardian must also consent for their child’s personal contact details to be shared with other FOL members.

  • To assist the running of FOL activities, events and life of the church appropriate contact information of FOL church members can be shared and distributed to other church members, where explicit written consent is given.

  • Due to the separate nature of FOL and its AM personal data will not be shared between these groups without gaining a person or parent/guardians written consent.

  • FOL and its AM will advertise appropriate activities that each other run to their members or attendees without any personal data being exchanged.

Destruction of Data

Data that is no longer required will be destroyed and securely disposed of. Electronic data will be deleted and completely removed from electronic devices.